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An "ile de pâques érotique" A vital way of expression
Jean CHAUCHARD has 43 years old, a sculptor who had installed his atelier in the yard of farmhouse in Auvergne. A genuine “ ile de paques érotique” populate the monumental statue of a biting realism. High as several meters, weight as 2 to 12 tons, it needs to be moved at a time, a convoy height trucks. But he do want to sell these works by once:” its will become the close friends who create a sweetness world around me and joy to live which are indispensable for me from now on. "I don't know how many in the garden exactly, about one hundred, but if one of them disapearred, I will automatically see it."

Jean CHAUCHARD assures that he had created this little rogue world” make himself happy and pick up the friends”. He doesn't like the professional model and the most of the women who are motionless in the marble or granite

Pierre Hedouin

The work of CHAUCHARD is colossal; his working day follow by a frantic rhythm and the inspiration transpires the intuitions which remain in his vital motor. The man takes rarely the holiday and works constantly, with his head and his hands. For him, it's vital.

As a long but magnificent exposition, this is opened every afternoon, until the end of August, the visitors could thus discover, in this cave of generosity, of many woodcarvings, as of model sculptures reduced on bronze. There still, it is a splendid homage to the woman, her beauty and their interior. The hands of the visitors cherish, palpate. The call of the touch is irresistible.

Anne Bouquet

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