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Jean CHAUCHARD uses several workshops at the time of the realization of his works. However, all begins in the workshop from drawings and models: he uses models with regard to his statues. His work functions per series with topics (series of masks or hands for example) which are connected the one after the others. In each series, it will be the topic which will take precedence over all the remainder: to take again the example of the masks, the artist will focus himself primarily on this topic, the remainder being less significant.
At the time of the realization of these drawings, he uses several materials like the Chinese ink, the charcoal or the gouache. He makes also models following the drawings in order to give himself an idea in three dimensions of his work, this one are made out of plaster, ground or terra cotta. After these fundamental preparations to obtain a balanced work, the sculpture in itself comes. The artist work constantly on several works at the same time. Indeed, it is significant to change sculpture when the sight is accustomed to the statue. .

The drawing workshop of the artist
The purpose of that is to never mislead his eye. Thus, Jean CHAUCHARD works at the most hour on the same work before passing to another (which remains however in the same series).

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