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Salers defeat the Aubrac An Artist varied
Already it did not accept the order like usually; it is true that there is a world between the erotic statues which make primarily its work and this domestic animal - well far from a sexual monster which is a cow…

He felt invested of a true mission: "Each statue, it is me… I am only the mercenary. I take the spirit of my customer, I carry out his wishes. I do not devalue myself, "the order gives me the possibility of exceeding", said Michel-Angel.
The work of art belongs to the one who looks at it and the time models a statue; my adventure is finished, and I am at the point to not remember how I did it. To create a monument for the estive one, I understood the size of the step, and for the first time I felt obliged to carry out a head of work.... This extraordinary adventure, I would have been unhappy, jealous, I I recognize it, if one had drawn aside me with the profit of another sculptor.

Urbain Vedel
La montagne magazine.
"I alternate since always the disciplines in order to avoid saturation. But what really interests me, it’s to work in my workshops. They shelter a hundred sculptures from three to four meters height. I made this exposure to give pleasure. However, if these sculptures are small in the form, they remain monumental in spirit ".

La montagne.
A marble harem
The workshop is a kind of found paradise where the sex act is not hidden any more like a flaw, but presented like a ballet of love.

Art (14/01/1990)

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