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Jean CHAUCHARD was born in 1945 in Onet le Château, a small village located at the south-west of the Massif Central. His father, who was a tailor inculcated him the love of the stone and the sculpture.
After a school of letter in Rodez (Monteil College), he studied at the school of Beauxl Arts of Clermont Ferrand (1962-1965) before integrating the famous Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts of Paris of 1965 to 1969 when he joined two famous studios: Yencesse and Callamarini. He followed also the Paul Belmondo's drawing lessons.
In 1968, he was "logiste du prix de Rome", before obtaining his diploma of the Visual arts in 1969.
In 1972, he came back to France and settled in Moissat-Haut, a small village close to Clermont Ferrand (Auvergne).
Since, he created many statues, low relief and fountains. His works are often large statues representing female characters made of stone, marble of Carrara, sandstone and red sandstone, granite and wood as smaller made out of bronze.
Many cities order fountains and sculptures throughout the year to him.

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